Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweat, Baby Sweat

Day 2 in Bangkok is coming to close, and with that, our last few hours in the city.  Tonight we're off to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand to ride some Elephants, play with some baby Tigers, and take a cooking class. The weather has been, as expected, brutal. By the time we're 100 ft out the door, we're both dripping with sweat. Shade and the occasional fan has been our best friend. We finished up our touring of Bangkok today by hitting up the Grand Palace, Sleeping Buddha, and Chinatown. Contrary to what EVERY single person in the city told us, the Grand Palace does, in fact, open before noon. This may be one of the most elaborate scams I've ever seen, since without fail, every person told us the same thing, usually trying to get us to hop in their friend's Tuk Tuk.

Also, today marked the first day someone actually asked us to take a picture with them.  It was a big moment for the trip. Today we also started gathering data for our upcoming blog, I wish either us had our camera cords here to upload you some of the early pictures; they're amazing.  In no particular order, here are my quick highlights of Bangkok:

7-11s roughly every 200 ft.
Street Food; Good and Super Cheap
Playing the "Girl of Lady Boy" game at night
Tall Chang beers
Buddha's in every way, shape, and position you can imagine
Cheap custom made clothing

The not-highlights:

Streets that smell worse than any pier I've ever been on
Our hotel having the YES network
The questionable meat storage techniques

That's all for Bangkok: Off to Chiang Mai

Two Giants

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