Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chiang Mai > Ko Samui > Ko Pha-Ngan

Woke up this morning, again at about 7:30 after about 10hrs of sleep and went to find great breakfast. We were tired of the crap that the woman in our hostel was feeding us and so we went in search of something better.  Really the problem was that I was just really tired of drinking Nescafe when Northern Thailand has some of the best coffee. We found a great little place called Diva Cafe, part of a hostel and had breakfast.  The coffee was so good I had 3 cups and really could have drank it for the whole day.

We left the hostel and went to the airport where it took us about 10 minutes to check in, and then we found that our airline had a fantastic lounge for everyone to use, not just frequent flyers.  The trip to Ko Pha-Ngan was pretty un-eventful, and I will talk about it more when we are blogging away our hangover tomorrow, but a few quick highlights:

The second smallest airport i've ever been in
A work out area at the end of the peer where our boat picked us up
A million resorts on Ko Samui
500 haggared passengers on the boat to Ko Pha-Ngan (Can't imagine what they'll look like in a few days)
Realizing that we're staying at what would be considered a spring break hotel in Mexico.

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