Thursday, May 19, 2011

Full Moon Party 1, Two Giants 0

Sorry we've been a little slow keeping the blog updated. Internet is a little pricey in Ko Phang'an, and its pretty awesome here, so we're spending more time by the pool and less on the internet.  Last night was the famous Full Moon Party in Ko Phang'an, which brings about 15,000 people together on the beach every month for an all night party.  The drink of choice is litle bucket filled with Thai Whiskey, Red Bull and Coke.  Needless to say, they are pretty lethal.

The party was out of control: We spent the day warming up with Jolene Monestier who is doing some pre b-school traveling, and our new friends Ryan (don't call me Dave-O) and Michael. After dinner we headed down to the beach and kicked it into high gear. It's hard to describe how crazy it was, and pictures couldn't even do it justice. At 5:30am when I finally headed out, the party was as strong as it was at midnight. People were even talking to us about after parties, because appareently afterpartying straight through until 9am, some people want to keep going.  There isn't enough Red Bull in the world for me to do that, but to each his own.

Today, as expected, has been a recovery day. Boyink is off SCUBA diving right now, which is mildy impressive that he pulled himself together for that.  Tomorrow, we're off to Cambodia to jump back into the cultural part of our trip, and spend some time at Angkor Wat.

Until thenstay safe!

Two Giants

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