Saturday, May 28, 2011

Leaving Laos Vegas

Laos, you will always have a special place in our hearts.  From going out in Vientiane in a torrential downpour, to ridiculous tubing experiences in Vang Vieng to amazing scenery in Luang Prabang, this has been a great stop for us.

After we left Kenny G in Phnom Penh, we arrived in Vientiane late in the afternoon.  We walked down to the river, and found this great rooftop bar restaurant.  So excited for our first Beer Lao, we sat down for what was planned as being a beer or two before dinner, turned into much, much more. As we were thinking about leaving, Vientiane was hit with a torrential thunderstorm. We even had to move seats since the water was coming into the bar. So, we order food (and more Beer Lao), and made the best of it.  3 hours later, we were still at the same place, making friends with a tour group that was at the bar as well.  We made it back to the hostel pretty late, and pretty drunk, which probably wasn't the best way to go into our two day tubing experience.

Tubing was awesome. I'll leave it at that.  If you don't know anything about it, go to youtube and search Vang Vieng tubing. We drank a bunch, I almost drowned, we were RIDICULOUSLY dominant in beer pong.

Luang Prabang has been a really good way to end our Laos experience. We got in pretty late, so we went down to a nice little restaurant right on the Mekong River. We also had the privileged of experiencing a Luang Prabang blackout, which our hostel said was pretty common.  The food was great, and after wards we walked through the Night Market and called it a day.

Today, we went up to the Waterfalls just outside the city.  The views were out of this world. Boyink convinced me to hike up to the top (about a 30 minute hike straight up the side of a mountain, and though i bitched at first, it was totally worth it. REALLY wish we could post these pics, but they'll be coming soon.  As an added bonus, as we were walking out of the waterfall, they have a Black Bear Sanctuary, and we saw an actual Bear Fight.... Priceless.

That's all for now. I fee like i missed a bunch of stuff in this, so there may be another Laos post to come.  Until then, talk to you later!

Two Giants

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  1. Not sure you will get Facebook message, but go to Dalat and find the Easy Riders (they will prob find you). Ride to Hoi An will be best thing you do in SE Asia outside Lao.