Monday, May 23, 2011

Leaving Siem Reap

We've had a couple of pretty fun days here in Siem Reap. The majority of this portion of the trip has been cultural, which is nice, because Koh Phagnan was a little less cultural. As Andrew posted, we spend the first two days checking out the temples of Angkor, and today we went over to the National Angkor Museum to get a better understanding for what it was we were looking at. It was also nice to be "exploring" the temples in a climate controlled facility, instead of out in the open where it's pushing 100 degrees everyday.

We all did spend some time on "Pub Street" both nights we had here, which was fun too. $0.50 beers are the special pretty much every bar offers, which you obviously can't go wrong with. Had some amazing Khmer food both out on the street, as well as in our guest house. If any of you loyal readers are planning on coming to Siem Reap, I highly recommend Rosy's Guesthouse; the food and service has been top notch, and an air conditioned room cost us $10 each.

Another interesting thing about Cambodia is that USD is the prevailing currency. There is a local currency, but you only get that if you're change is less than a dollar. Its a nice break from having to continually do the conversion in your head while bartering with someone.

Next stop on our magical mystery tour is Phnom Penh: We hadn't planned on spending any time there, but it's the only place that flies daily to Laos. It will be our first experience on Asia's long haul buses.  Here's to hoping they are built for two giants.

Two Giants

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