Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chiang Mai: A little Culture

Today in Chaing Mai, Well really yesterday, in Chaing Mai, we partook in a little culture, or at least some culture, and some tiger petting. We got up at our normal time of about 6:30 am, still can't sleep here, either we're old or the time is still messing with us. After another not so good breakfast at the Guest house, we left for the Tiger Kingdom.

The Tiger Kingdom is very cool. Here you are able to play with baby tigers just a few months old and spend some time with other tigers that are any where up to a year an a half. At a year and a half they are fully grown but do not show the attitude or unpredictability of the older ones. The trainers told us that at 2 years they take the tigers out of the rotation and keep them for breeding because at that age they are not safe to have around people they don't know.

It was a very cool experience but very intimidating and definitely made you realize just how little real power you have in a situation like that. They could have easily decided I was dinner if they had wanted. This was very strange to think about when you saw one chasing a pair of coconuts that were dangled from a string. It acted just like a very large house cat.

After the tiger kingdom, we strolled around Ching Mai, and then met our cooking instructor at the hostel. The cooking instructor took us on a tour of the market and told us about how to pick ingredients, and also which ingredients not to pick.  After that we went out to his house where he had a kitchen set up in the back. In his kitchen we learned to make Sweet and Sour Soup, Panang Curry, Cashew Chicken, Pat Thai, and Banana Spring Rolls.  When we get back, we both expect to be retaining our cooking skills by practicing, so expect some good Thai food in the future.

After we ate all the food, we went back to the hostel and went out and explored the Saturday Night Market that happens on the street our hostel was on every Saturday night. It was very interesting with lots of different crafts as well as food options. We perused that for a while and then felt our old age again, by going to bed at about 9:30.

What is happening to us? Hopefully a more lively scene in Ko Pha-Ngan will change our mood and get us back to the business school kids you all know and love.

Till then,
Two Giants

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