Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bangkok, Where everyone wants to know your height.

So, not only does everyone want to know how tall we are, and whether we play basketball, but they also seem to want to always be our friends. Whether its the random girl walking on the street, or the man who claimed he was in "police intelligence," or finally the man who worked in Car Insurance who wanted to show us a great local Thai spot (it was really good), everyone here in Thailand seems to want to be our friends and help us out. It is a great quality of the people but can be a little annoying when they won't leave you alone when you say you're fine.

The police man was very helpful though, he got us a Tuk-Tuk driver who took us to half the important sights in the city: Tall Buddha, Happy Buddha, Golden Mountain, the Tailor, and the Tourist Information center; all for 20B ($.65).  At the Tailor we bought suits (they better be good) and at the Tourist Info center, we booked the rest of our trip in Thailand. We will fly out to Chiang Mai tomorrow at 8:30pm, to stay there for 3 nights.  Then we will fly to Ko Sumi for 4 days of relaxation, and one night of Full Moon Partying. From there we will travel to Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat.

Bangkok, has been good, and we have some time to explore tomorrow, mostly the Great Palace and the Emerald Buddha. In case you couldn't tell, there are lots of Buddhas here in Bangkok, evidently more than 500 temples exist in the city alone.  

A point of clarification, I was definitely ripped off, but it wasn't like I was scammed, I accidentally gave the waiter 2 1000B bills instead of 2 100B bills and he refused to admit it.  So in reality, he just stole from me.  Not quite the same...

OK, time for pool and relaxation, maybe even a massage this afternoon/evening.

Two Giants


  1. The pool is only 1.2M deep so it fits us if we're kneeling... Oh well, we'll be at the beach soon where the water will be deep enough.

  2. Yeah Andrew, I'm sure your 'massage' in Bangkok will be great!