Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bia Hoi!

One addition to the Laos story before we start the Vietnam Story...

Last night in Laos we see on Facebook that Nick Arkinson and Cameron Doctor (I need a doctor! I need a doctor!) are in Luang Prabang. So Paul and I decide that we're going to go find them. After just 5 minutes of walking through the market we find them at a table just on the other side. Sit for an hour and tell each other what to do for the rest of our trips.  Totally random and totally awesome!

Then we were off to Vietnam.  We land in Hanoi which is so smoggy and hazy that at 3000 feet you still can't see the ground.  We grab a cab (after I nearly lost it on the pushy drivers) and get to our hostel. Hanoi Backpackers Hostel is awesome (even have free beer on sundays). We spend the afternoon and evening here and then go find the Bia Hoi bars. Bia Hoi for those of you who don't know is fresh beer that costs a quarter for a pint.  A total of $2.50 later it was time to go to the late night bar.

It was supposed to be a late night bar but after about an hour (and more beer pong domination by me) the police kicked everyone out. That was fine because all we did was go around the corner for about 10 minutes and then come back to party the night away.  Now its time for a day of some culture and a somewhat early night as we are leaving for Ha Long Bay tomorrow at 8am.

Things in Hanoi are fun, but I'm ready for the bay and then off to Ho Chi Minh City.  Too bad we won't get to see uncle Ho (Sorry Tony). Its closed today and we won't be in the city after this. 

We're almost done, and I definitely don't want to come home.

See you all soon,

Two Giants

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